Data from: Energetic constraints on species coexistence in birds

  • Alexander Pigot (Creator)
  • Joseph A Tobias (Creator)
  • Walter Jetz (Creator)



The association between species richness and ecosystem energy availability is one of the major geographic trends in biodiversity. It is often explained in terms of energetic constraints, such that coexistence among competing species is limited in low productivity environments. However, it has proven challenging to reject alternative views, including the null hypothesis that species richness has simply had more time to accumulate in productive regions, and thus the role of energetic constraints in limiting coexistence remains largely unknown. We use the phylogenetic relationships and geographic ranges of sister species (pairs of lineages who are each other’s closest extant relatives) to examine the association between energy availability and coexistence across an entire vertebrate class (Aves). We show that the incidence of coexistence among sister species increases with overall species richness and is elevated in more productive ecosystems, even when accounting for differences in the evolutionary time available for coexistence to occur. Our results indicate that energy availability promotes species coexistence in closely related lineages, providing a key step toward a more mechanistic understanding of the productivity–richness relationship underlying global gradients in biodiversity.

The data package contains seven sets:
- This dataset contains the cell values (for NPP, species richness, sister coexistence and sister age) used in Figure 1A-D.
- This file contains two datasheets. The first sheet provides the underlying sister species, and their values of coexistence and NPP from a single exemplar tree used to plot Figure 2A. The second sheet provides the numerical values plotted in Figure 2B.
- This file contains the individual numeric values plotted in Figure 3.
- This file contains 4 datasheets providing the individual numeric values plotted in Figure 4A-D.
- This file provides the cell values (species richness and coexistence) and realm assignments used in Figure 5.
- This file contains the cell values (species richness, sister species richness and coexisting richness) used in Figure S2A-B.
- This file contains the observed and estimated vales of σ and ε for different sister species age distributions plotted in Figure S2.
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