Data from: Migration tendency delays distributional response to differential survival prospects along a flyway



This datafile (plain textfile to be imported in program E-Surge) contains the encounter histories of 2095 adult (>3cy) Eurasian spoonbills, born between 1988 and 2007 and resighted between summer 1994 and summer 2010. Two resighting periods per year are defined (summer = March-September, winter = December-January for France and Iberia and October-February for Mauritania & Senegal). Events are coded as: (0) not resighted, (1) resighted in summer in The Netherlands, (2) resighted in winter in France, (3) resighted in winter in Iberia, (4) resighted in winter in Mauritania & Senegal. Columns refer to encounter history (H:), sample size (S:) and 'standardized' year of birth (COV:yb), calculated as ([year of birth]-2000)/10.
Datum van beschikbaarheid30-okt.-2012
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Tijdelijke dekking1994 - 2010
Datum van data-aanmaak1994 - 2010
Geografische dekkingThe Netherlands, Iberia, France, Mauretania, Senegal

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