Data from: Sensitivity of functional diversity metrics to sampling intensity

  • Alfons Plas ,van der (Senckenberg Gesell Naturforsch, Biodivers & Climate Res Ctr) (Creator)
  • Roel van Klink (University of Bern) (Creator)
  • Pete Manning (Creator)
  • Han Olff (Creator)
  • Andmarkus Fischer (Creator)



The data package contains five datsets:
- data on grass observations in 10 savannah plots in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, South Africa. First column: plot name. Second column: location (grid cell intersection point) within plot. Third column: species name.
- Data on carabid observations in pitfall traps in Drenthe, Netherlands. Colum names: Blik_nr. = pitfall number; Datum = Date; Jaar = year; serie = location; soort_kever = species name; Totaal = number of individuals; Seriejaar = location-year combination; PosVal = position pitfall (each location contained three pitfalls, only second included in this study, see publication); week = week of the year (ranginging from 1-53).
- Carabid morphological traits. Column names: name_correct = species name; source_measurement = researcher who performed measurement; body_length = body length in mm; antenna_length = antenna length in mm; metafemur_length = length metafemur in mm; eyewith_corr = eye width in mm; note = note; resid_femur = residual femur length in mm (i.e. residual from linear model in which femur length is explained by body length); resid_eye = residual eye length in mm (i.e. residual from linear model in which eye length is explained by body length) resid_antenna = residual antenna length in mm (i.e. residual from linear model in which antenna length is explained by body length)
- file to analyse how accuracy and precision of various FD metrics depends on undersampling. This specific file was used for the analysis of ground beetle data. Files with small modifications were used to analyse South African grass data and breeding bird data of Vermont. In principle, with some modifications, this file can be used to study undersampling in for any kind of community data, if community and corresponding trait data are provided as input.
- R file to investigate how the accuracy and precision of FD metrics is affected by undersampling, and how this depends on the species richness, number of individuals and species abundance distribution of the 'region,' 'species pool' or 'landscape'.
Datum van beschikbaarheid9-jan-2017
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Geografische dekkingSouth Africa, Netherlands, Vermont, USA

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