Dataset Community Collectivism; CCS-Sample1-Study1



Outlining a Community Collectivism Scale (CCS)
We have identified four dimensions that are central to the social life of communities: Loyalty, Honor, Hierarchy, and Agency are all prerequisites for the community to live harmoniously, for individuals to fit in and be accepted.
Sample 1 consisted of 398 participants, of which were 183 of Turkish descent (44% women, Mage = 31), and 215 indigenous Dutch (46% women, Mage = 46), all inhabitants of the Netherlands and members of an online panel (PanelClix). We compared the cultural groups on demographical variables (age, sex, occupation and education). Of the Turkish sample 25,7% were students, whereas only 3,7% of the indigenous Dutch sample were. With the exception of age there were no further significant differences (Mindigenous Dutch = 46); MTurkish = 31). Fourteen cases were considered multivariate outliers (Mahalanobis distance, p < .001), and removed.
Data collected with online questionnaire in Dutch language. The English translation of the variable labels is added in a separate document.
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UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
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