Dataset Figure_5: Whi5-GFP intensity versus size and time in a synchronous G1 population



Whi5-GFP intensity as a function of time for the different FOV of elutriated cells. This dataset contains: 1. Raw TIF_images_NADH – These are autofluorescence images taken at each time point for the purposes of calculating cell size. Time points were every 10 minutes except at 30 minutes which had to be discarded due to poor focus. 2. Raw TIF_images_WHI5 – These raw image files correspond to images of Whi5-GFP excited at 1000 nm fpr all 11 time points of different FOV obtained at 3 different z positions (1-3) (0, -0.5 um, + 0.5 um). Whi5-GFP intensity values for each nucleus were taken for the z-position that gave the highest intensity for each nucleus. 3. NADHDATA_with_time plot.xlsx is the analysis of the raw images of auto-fluorescence exciting at 750 nm. The only relevant information for the Figure is in Colume C sheet 1. It is the cell area in total pixels. 4. Whi5Data_BestFocusPlanes_All_FOV.xlsx is the analysis of the Whi5-GFP images for Whi5-GFP intensity vs time and size for each time point (which corresponds to a different FOV).
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