Dataset: Megaherbivores may impact expansion of invasive seagrass in the Caribbean

  • Marjolijn Christianen (Creator)
  • Fee Smulders (Creator)
  • M. Sabine Engel (Creator)
  • Mabel Nava (Creator)
  • Sue Willis (Creator)
  • Adolphe O. Debrot (Creator)
  • Per Palsboll (Creator)
  • Jan Arie Vonk (Creator)
  • Leontine E Becking (Creator)



Our results provide first‐time evidence of large‐scale replacement of native seagrasses by rapidly colonizing Halophila stipulacea in the Caribbean and add a mechanistic explanation for this invasiveness. We conclude that green turtle leaf grazing may modify the rate and spatial extent of this invasive species' expansion, due to grazing preferences, and increased space for settlement. This work shows how large herbivores play an important but unrecognized role in species coexistence and plant invasions of aquatic ecosystems
Datum van beschikbaarheid2018
UitgeverWageningen University & Research
Tijdelijke dekking2011 - 2017
Datum van data-aanmaak2011 - 2017
Geografische dekkingLac Bay, Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands)

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