Densities of mollusc species at different sites along the Chinese coast

  • Hebo Peng (Contributor)
  • Ying Chi Chan (Contributor)
  • T Compton (Contributor)
  • Xue-Fei Cheng (Contributor)
  • David S. Melville (Contributor)
  • S Zhang (Contributor)
  • Zhengwang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Guangchun Lei (Contributor)
  • Zhijun Ma (Contributor)
  • Theunis Piersma (Contributor)



We sampled 21 intertidal sites spanning 20 latitudinal degrees and 18,400 km of coastline. We assessed alpha diversity to verify whether mollusc communities exhibit the expected biodiversity gradient with latitude, and beta diversity gradients with distance. To examine whether human activities such as transportation and culturing could have affected these patterns, we distinguished commercial from non-commercial mollusc species and compared the differences in distribution, density, alpha diversity and beta diversity.
Datum van beschikbaarheid28-apr.-2021
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Geografische dekkingChinese coast

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