Global distributions of diatoms abundance, biovolume and biomass - Gridded data product (NetCDF) - Contribution to the MAREDAT World Ocean Atlas of Plankton Functional Types

  • Leblanc (Contributor)
  • J. Aristegui (Contributor)
  • Armand (Contributor)
  • Assmy (Contributor)
  • Beker (Contributor)
  • Bode (Contributor)
  • Breton (Contributor)
  • Cornet (Contributor)
  • Gibson (Contributor)
  • Gosselin (Contributor)
  • Kopczynska (Contributor)
  • Marshall (Contributor)
  • Peloquin (Contributor)
  • Piontkovski (Contributor)
  • Poulton (Contributor)
  • Quéguiner (Contributor)
  • Schiebel (Contributor)
  • Shipe (Contributor)
  • Jacqueline Stefels (Contributor)
  • Maria van Leeuwe (Contributor)
  • Varela (Contributor)
  • Widdicombe (Contributor)
  • Yallop (Contributor)



Abstract: This study is a first effort to compile the largest possible body of data available from different plankton databases as well as from individual published or unpublished datasets regarding diatom distribution in the world ocean. The data obtained originate from time series studies as well as spatial studies. This effort is supported by the Marine Ecosystem Data (MAREDAT) project, which aims at building consistent data sets for the main PFTs (Plankton Functional Types) in order to help validate biogeochemical ocean models by using converted C biomass from abundance data. Diatom abundance data were obtained from various research programs with the associated geolocation and date of collection, as well as with a taxonomic information ranging from group down to species. Minimum, maximum and average cell size information were mined from the literature for each taxonomic entry, and all abundance data were subsequently converted to biovolume and C biomass using the same methodology.

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Supplemental Information: The attached zip file contains raw data files submitted by the authors and a NetCDF file. Progressively, raw data will be imported into PANGAEA as distinct data publications related to the original sources (journal or data publications).
A new version of the raw data file was uploaded on 2016-12-06.

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