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CMIP6 Forcing Datasets (input4MIPs): These data includes all datasets published for 'input4MIPs.CMIP6.C4MIP.ImperialCollege' according to the Data Reference Syntax defined as 'activity_id.mip_era.target_mip.institution_id.source_id.realm.frequency.variable_id.grid_label'. The model ImperialCollege (ImperialCollege) was run by the ImperialCollege (ImperialCollege) in native nominal resolutions: unknown. Project: The forcing datasets (and boundary conditions) needed for CMIP6 experiments are being prepared by a number of different experts. Initially many of these datasets may only be available from those experts, but over time as part of the 'input4MIPs' activity most of them will be archived by PCMDI and served by the Earth System Grid Federation ( ). More information is available in the living document: .
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UitgeverWorld Data Centre for Climate

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