Linking the morphology and ecology of subtidal soft-bottom marine benthic habitats: A novel multiscale approach. Brown Bank 2017 - Biological and geomorphological data

  • Sebastiaan Mestdagh (Contributor)
  • Alireza Amiri-Simkooei (Contributor)
  • Karin van der Reijden (Contributor)
  • Leo Koop (Contributor)
  • Sarah O'Flynn (Contributor)
  • Mirjam Snellen (Contributor)
  • Christiaan van Sluis (Contributor)
  • Laura Govers (Contributor)
  • Dick G. Simons (Contributor)
  • P. M. J. Herman (Contributor)
  • Han Olff (Contributor)
  • Tom Ysebaert (Contributor)



22 stations on and around the Brown Bank were selected to study local ecological variation and to link ecological with geomorphological data. Macrobenthos was collected with a box corer and identified to the lowest possible taxonomic level, in three replicates per station. Sediment characteristics (grain size, TOC, chlorophyll α etc.) were measured for each replicate. Geomorphological data (bathymetry, backscatter, BPI etc.) were derived from multibeam echosounding at each station.
Datum van beschikbaarheid25-jul.-2020
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen

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