MOESM1 of Incidence, clinical implications and impact on public health of infections with Shigella spp. and entero-invasive Escherichia coli (EIEC): results of a multicenter cross-sectional study in the Netherlands during 2016–2017

  • Esther Warmelink (Contributor)
  • Alex Friedrich (Contributor)
  • Maaike J. C. Van Den Beld (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) (Contributor)
  • John Rossen (Contributor)
  • Richard F de Boer (Contributor)
  • Frans A G Reubsaet (Contributor)
  • Ingrid H M Friesema (Contributor)
  • Maarten Schipper (Contributor)
  • Mariska W F Petrignani (Contributor)
  • Evert van Zanten (Contributor)
  • Daan W. Notermans (Contributor)
  • Mirjam Kooistra-Smid (Contributor)



Additional file 1. Calculation of EIEC multiplier. In this file the calculation of the multipliers for the estimation of the Dutch community incidence for shigellosis and infections with EIEC were depicted, using equations as described by Haagsma et al. 2013.
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