MOESM2 of A genome-wide DNA methylation signature for SETD1B-related syndrome

  • I. M. Krzyzewska (Contributor)
  • Saskia Maas (Contributor)
  • Peter Henneman (Contributor)
  • Karin van der Lip (Contributor)
  • Andrea Venema (Contributor)
  • K. Baranano (Contributor)
  • A. Chassevent (Contributor)
  • Aref-Eshghi (Contributor)
  • Ton Essen ,van (Contributor)
  • T. Fukuda (Contributor)
  • H Ikeda (Contributor)
  • M. Jacquemont (Contributor)
  • Kim (Contributor)
  • Audrey Labalme (Contributor)
  • Lewis (Contributor)
  • Gaetan Lesca (Contributor)
  • Madrigal (Contributor)
  • Saagar Mahida (Contributor)
  • Matsumoto (Contributor)
  • R. Rabionet (Contributor)
  • Rajcan-Separovic (Contributor)
  • Qiao (Contributor)
  • Sadikovic (Contributor)
  • H. Saitsu (Contributor)
  • Sweetser (Contributor)
  • Alders (Contributor)
  • Marcel Mannens (Contributor)



    Additional file 2: Table S2. Significant differentially methylated CpGs identified in the SETD1B-related group analysis.
    Datum van beschikbaarheid5-nov-2019
    UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
    • A genome-wide DNA methylation signature for SETD1B-related syndrome

      Krzyzewska, I. M., Maas, S. M., Henneman, P., Lip, K. V. D., Venema, A., Baranano, K., Chassevent, A., Aref-Eshghi, E., van Essen, A. J., Fukuda, T., Ikeda, H., Jacquemont, M., Kim, H-G., Labalme, A., Lewis, S. M. E., Lesca, G., Madrigal, G., Mahida, S., Matsumoto, N., Rabionet, R. & 7 anderen, Rajcan-Separovic, E., Qiao, Y., Sadikovic, B., Saitsu, H., Sweetser, D. A., Alders, M. & Mannens, M. M. A. M., 4-nov-2019, In: Clinical Epigenetics. 11, 1, 15 blz., 156.

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