Multi-laboratory compilation of atmospheric carbon dioxide data for the year 2022; obspack_co2_1_NRT_v7.2_2022-06-28

  • Adam Cox (Contributor)
  • Alcide Giorgio Di Sarra (Contributor)
  • Anna Karion (Contributor)
  • Arlyn Andrews (Contributor)
  • Aurelie Colomb (Contributor)
  • Bert Scheeren (Contributor)
  • Huilin Chen (Contributor)



This product is constructed using the Observation Package (ObsPack) framework [Masarie et al., 2014;]. The framework is designed to bring together atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) observations from a variety of sampling platforms, prepare them with specific applications in mind, and package and distribute them in a self-consistent and well-documented product. ObsPack products are intended to support GHG budget studies and represent a new generation of cooperative value-added GHG data products.
Datum van beschikbaarheid2022
UitgeverGlobal Monitoring Division

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