Buurtsamenstelling en woontevredenheid 1990-1993

  • Hans Knol (Creator)
  • Annemarie van der Tuin (Creator)



    This survey is about the relation between social homogeneity of the neighbourhood and the level of satisfaction with housing situation of the local residents. Both questionnaires: since when does respondent reside in present house / sources of income / statements about allocation policy of housing corporation "De Maatschappij" / sources of inconvenience caused by neighbours / respondents household is source of inconvenience for neighbours / respondents way of living corresponds with way of living of neighbours / satisfaction with neighbourhood and own house / characteristics of neighbourhood / frequency and quality of contacts with neighbours, friends, family, colleagues / helpfulness of neighbours / characteristics of preferred type of neighbourhood Questionnaire 1991 only: composition of household / duration of residence in neighbourhood "Oranjewijk" / residence during renovation of house / satisfaction with renovation / respondent and partner are born in the city or province of Groningen / pay attention to neighbourhood newspaper / use of shops nearby / visits community centre / has music instruments or pets / preparedness to cooperate with survey next year Questionnaire 1992 only: cooperation with survey last year / number of persons in household / reason for moving to present house / neighbourhood in comparison to las year / several aspects of social climate of neighbourhood / satisfaction with technical aspects of house / health / satisfaction with new allocation policy of housing corporation / is family living nearby / way of living of nearest neighbours / wants to move within short and for which reasons. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ household characteristics/ income/capital assets/ education/ religion
    Datum van beschikbaarheid20-jul-2007
    UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
    Tijdelijke dekking1991 - 1992
    Datum van data-aanmaak1-mrt-1991 - 1-apr-1991
    Geografische dekkingThe Netherlands

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