Recognition of Holstein Cattle with Thermal and RGB images

  • Amey Bhole (Contributor)
  • Sandeep S. Udmale (Contributor)
  • Owen Falzon (Contributor)
  • George Azzopardi (Contributor)



This data set was collected from the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) with a FLIR E6 thermal camera over a period of 9 days. It consists of 3694 images of 383, with each cow represented with an average of 9 images. Each snapshot created two images; 1) RGB and ii) Temperature. The image filenames are in the format [cow_id-4 digits]_[day no-1 digit]_[counter-1 digit]. The timestamp.xlsx file indicates the day number (day 1 to day 9) of when an image in the data set was collected. This allows to design and run leave-one day-out cross validation, the same as we did in our paper. Here is the link to the scripts that reproduce the results reported in the paper, and the following is the link to the GitHub repository that contains all the scripts
Datum van beschikbaarheid1-dec.-2021

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