Replication Data for: Quantifying landscape-level land use intensity patterns through radar-based remote sensing



The data package consists of four (zipped) folders and this metadata file:
--> Godwit Early Establishement - Data collected by a large team lead by Professor Theunis Piersma (permission to use this data). Folder contains the locations of black tailed godwits counts early 1 March to 1 May 2016. Data were used to calculate habitat selection indices of early establishing black-tailed godwits.
--> LogRatio_Date_Pairs
Log ratio change detection analyses carried out on Sentinel SAR1 data clipped out for the south-west Friesland study site. Used to produce Table 1, Figure 1c &d, Fig 3 and Fig 6
--> Processed Modis EVI, Comparison between Sentinel Radar and Optical Modis EVI
Data used to produce figure 1a & b
--> Processed_Radar_Imagery, contains the variance in Sentinel Radar and standard deviation of change in Sentinel Radar values between 13 March and 17 July 2016
--> Shapefiles, contains all point, line and polygon shapefiles used to intersect the spatial analysis data.
--> StDev_LogRatioChange31Mar_17Jul2016, standard deviation of change in Sentinel Radar values between 31 march and 17 july 2016 - used in final ESRI mxd file to produce figures 3a and 6a
--> Temperature_Stavoren, downloaded from KNMI website and used to produce temperature variation in Figure 1a & 1c
--> two data files
compiled data used to produce figures 4 and 5
Final high quality figures produced for the final print.
Esri (ArcMap 10.3) map Project used to produce figures 3a & 6a.
R version 3.4.0, R Studio 5.4.1
Analysis scripts used to produce the figures for this manuscript and labelled as such. In addition a pre-processing script that allows the user to stack Sentinel SAR1 data after it has been downloaded from the Sentinel Scientific Hub and processed with SNAP v6.0. Add orbit file > ratiometric calibration > geometric terrain correction
Datum van beschikbaarheid29-nov-2017
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Tijdelijke dekking1-dec-2015 - 31-aug-2016
Geografische dekkingSouth-west Friesland, The Netherlands (52o55’N, 5o60’E)

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