Replication Data for: Video transects reveal that tidal sand waves affect the spatial distribution of benthic organisms and sand ripples

  • J.H. Damveld (Contributor)
  • Karin van der Reijden (Contributor)
  • C Cheng (Contributor)
  • L. Koop (Contributor)
  • L.R. Haaksma (Contributor)
  • C.A.J. Walsh (Contributor)
  • K. Soetaert (Contributor)
  • B.W. Borsje (Contributor)
  • Laura Govers (Contributor)
  • P.C. Roos (Contributor)
  • Han Olff (Contributor)
  • S.J.M.H. Hulscher (Contributor)


Description This folder contains all the relevant spatial datasets used in this paper, all projected in the ETRS89- UTM31 projection. This folder contains all the analyzed video stills and a text file containing the data for the analyzed video stills. The stills are divided over four folders, separated for the four study locations.
Datum van beschikbaarheid29-okt.-2018

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