Replication data to: Cortisol and α-amylase secretion patterns between and within depressed and non-depressed individuals.



Project: Mood and Movement in Daily life.
Associations between biological stress markers and depression are inconsistent across studies. We assessed whether inter- and intra-individual variability explain these inconsistencies. Pair-matched depressed and non-depressed participants (N = 30) collected saliva thrice a day for 30 days, resulting in 90 measurements per individual. The relationships between measures of stress-system function and depression were examined at the group level by means of mixed model analyses, and at the individual level by means of pair-matched comparisons. The analyses were repeated after adjusting for time-varying lifestyle factors by means of time-series regression analyses
Datum van beschikbaarheid6-jul.-2015
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Datum van data-aanmaak2012 - 2014
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