Simulated Visual Navigation Dataset for "Two-Stage Visual Navigation by Deep Neural Networks and Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning"

  • Amirhossein Shantia (Contributor)
  • Rik Timmers (Contributor)
  • Yiebo Chong (Contributor)
  • Cornel Kuiper (Contributor)
  • Francesco Bidoia (Contributor)
  • Lambert Schomaker (Contributor)
  • Marco Wiering (Contributor)



Condensed data set (train, validation, test) of two simulated environments in the Gazebo simulator. One small kitchen of approximately 45 square meters and a big room of roughly 140 square meters. The data can be loaded using numpy. The images are size 84x84x3. The labels for each image are (X position, Y position, sine of theta, and cosine of theta).

License: CC BY NC3.0
Datum van beschikbaarheid6-apr-2020
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen

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