Tracking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey ( TRAILS )



TRAILS is an ongoing longitudinal survey, which has followed a group of over 2750 initially 11-year-olds for over twenty years now. The overall objective of the study is to contribute to the understanding of the determinants of adolescents’ and young adults' mental (ill-)health and social development during adolescence and young adulthood, as well as the mechanisms underlying the associations between determinants and these outcomes. A particular aim is to focus on the interplay between individual characteristics and environmental factors. In addition to this major objective, a number of participants investigate the course and determinants of somatic (ill-)health, covering topics such as overweight, lung disease, sports, physical activity, and more.
Datum van beschikbaarheid1-sep.-2015
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Tijdelijke dekking2001
Datum van data-aanmaak2001 -
Geografische dekkingThe Netherlands

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