World Input-Output Database 2013 Release, 1995-2011



World Input-Output Tables and underlying data, covering 40 countries, and a model for the rest of the world for the period 1995-2011. Data for 35 sectors are classified according to the International Standard Industrial Classification revision 3 (ISIC Rev. 3). The tables adhere to the 1993 version of the SNA. Additionally underlying supply and use tables (SUT) are available, as well as Socio Economic Accounts (SEA). Associated Website When using this database, a reference should be made to the following paper: Timmer, M. P., Dietzenbacher, E., Los, B., Stehrer, R. and de Vries, G. J. (2015), "An Illustrated User Guide to the World Input–Output Database: the Case of Global Automotive Production", Review of International Economics., 23: 575–605
Datum van beschikbaarheid9-nov.-2021
Tijdelijke dekking1995 - 2011

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