Our group investigates ecological and evolutionary processes in (infectious) microbial communities. We aim to understand the genotype-phenotype-fitness relationships within (evolving) communities. Additionally, we investigate the effect of microbial interactions on the evolution of antibiotic resistance.

We study these eco-evolutionary processes using molecular biological tools, by performing phenotypic and growth measurements, and modelling. We currently focus on bacterial isolates from persons suffering from urinary tract infections as a model system. Additionally, we investigate the interactions between pathogens and benign bacteria discovered in the urinary tract of healthy persons.

By unveiling the fundamental ecological and evolutionary microbial processes in infectious disease, we hope to improve and contribute to strategies that can alleviate infectious diseases and limit the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Microbial population biology, microbial ecology and evolution, microbial interactions, antibiotic resistance, microbial genetics, evolutionary medicine


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