Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences

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    9747 AG Groningen



Organisational unit profile

The Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES) fills a special niche in the field of life sciences that not only covers mechanistic, evolutionary and ecological approaches, but also specifically aims at the integration of these fields that are traditionally studied in isolation, which hampers a full understanding of fundamental biological processes. Evolution on a long time scale has shaped the regulatory mechanisms acting on short time scales that determine the potential and limitations of adaptive capacity. In turn, the nature of these mechanisms determines the potential, direction, speed, and limitation of evolutionary change. Integrating these approaches has the potential to provide a new foundation for the life sciences in which the key adaptive processes from genes to organisms to populations to ecosystems are fully integrated.

The mission of the institute is to provide a better understanding of fundamental biological processes by integrating mechanistic and evolutionary approaches, both in our research, education and public outreach, and to contribute where possible to the solution of societal problems.


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