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ENTWINE - ITN informal careThe aim of the ENTWINE consortium is to investigate a broad spectrum of challenges in informal caregiving and issues concerning the development and use of innovative psychology-based and technology-based interventions that support willingness and opportunity to provide informal care. The focus is on overcoming barriers following a user-centered, stakeholder-driven implementation and agile science approach to promote the adoption and implementation of innovative solutions to support informal caregivers. I am involved as the project manager of the consortium and as co-supervisor of ESR9, Srishti Dang.

End date of the project: 31 August 2022


The Caregiver balance (MantelzorgBalans) project


Many informal caregivers provide care for a loved one in the palliative phase out of love, even though the burden of providing informal care can be (too) high. Together with caregivers and experts, we developed the tool MantelzorgBalans to support informal caregivers at the start of the palliative phase of their loved one, in order to decrease caregiver burden and increase positive caregiving experiences in informal caregivers. MantelzorgBalans supports the caregiver by challenging them to think about their own goals, about setting their boundaries, balancing their activities and how they would like to stay on contact with their social environment. The tool provides information on all topics that might be relevant in this phase, and it offers a place to store your personal memories. Currently, the tool is being evaluated.


End date of the project: 1 November 2021


The Untire Project

In this international trial, we studied whether the Untire App can help (former) cancer patients to reduce their cancer-related fatigue and improve their quality of life. The training in the Untire App is based on mindfulness based cognitive therapy and contains education, stress-reduction exercises, a program to increase physical activity and daily tips. The Untire app was helpful in reducing fatigue and increasing quality of life.

End date of the project: August 2020

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