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Senior research technician, for 29 years, with an interesting and enjoyable background of research. Microbiology and Molecular biology at all aspects have been my favorite part of interest. Self- development and deepening into my interest keep me highly motivated being a research technician.
I have been working with many different types of cells, bacteria, fungi, Also with human heart, lung, kidney to mice, rat -brain areas. From RNA extractions from rat brain areas , human heart, bacteria, fungi, drosophila , ants , bees and viruses (co-infections).  Western blots (protein pumps symbionts), Fluorescent Microscopy, Protein exclusions , Enzyme activities, Carbohydrate related work, Glucoronidations, Bioconversions, Green Gas production, Cloning of proteins and receptors. Also development of TaqMan based probes and multiplex qPCR, Fluorescent-Confocal Microscopy at seaslugs, sea anemones. I have collaborated with many researchers from the UMCG, BioMade (patent on sunfish amphiphiles), BASF, Bioclear Earth, Friesland-Campina, Bio-brug, Cambrex (patent on a cholestrol inbetween compound). Leading projects by myself or in collaboration. Involved in Teaching and student-courses. Daily supervision of students from the Hanzehogeschool (grading) and the RuG. Setting up cell culture labs (MLI level ) and a Cell culture virus related lab (MLII level). At the moment involved in: Virus Ecology & Evolution, Neurobiology and Marine biology (Ecology & Evolution /Ecophysiology).

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