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Als u wijzigingen in Pure hebt gemaakt, zullen deze hier binnenkort zichtbaar zijn.

Persoonlijk profiel


Daphne Brandenburg is an Assistant Professor in Moral Psychology, at the University of Groningen. She obtained her PhD in 2019 under supervision of Jeanette Kennett, Marc Slors, and Jan Bransen.

Her work critically analyses how research in psychology and the cognitive sciences has bearing on ethical questions about autonomy, consent, and responsibility. Do implicit biases undermine our autonomy? How can we hold a person responsible without blaming them, and when should we do so? Do failures of empathy undermine morality?  When and why is praise patronizing?  And what do the answers to these questions imply for society, criminal justice, and therapy? These are key questions she has addressed in her work. She also has an interest in the ethics of humor and in the philosophy of emotions.

Daphne is an affiliate member of CAVE (Centre of Agency, Values, and Ethics, at Macquarie University), and editor for public philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien.

Currently, she is developing a theory of moral agency in childhood, and initiating a public engagement project called ‘Philosophy with Children, for Adults’ in cooperation with Sparklab.


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