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Persoonlijk profiel


Her research group focuses on catalytic processes for gas conversion, specifically on the efficient utilization of various (waste or circular) carbon feedstock. Her expertise lies in the synthesis and evaluation of catalytic performance of solid catalysts, with an emphasis on using fixed-bed reactors to gain mechanistic insights. The synthesis methods provide options to design and develop catalysts with tailor-made properties, thereby allowing structure-performance relationships of catalysts to be established. Her capability and interests in fixed-bed micro-reactors range from high-throughput parallel reactor set-ups to single reactor advanced kinetic set-ups (steady state isotopic transient kinetic analysis, SSITKA and co-feed transients). Her current research group consists of 5 PhD candidates and 4 MSc students.

Opleiding / Academische kwalificatie

Catalysis, PhD, Catalyst Design and Developement for the Direct Production of Lower Olefins from Synthesis Gas, Utrecht University

Datum van toekenning: 22-mrt.-2017

Chemical Engineering, MSc, Eindhoven University of Technology


Applied Sciences, BSc, National University of Singapore


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