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Persoonlijk profiel


As a general practitioner and epidemiologist, my previous works were mainly on urological research, especially the epidemiology of male lower urinary tract symptoms (including nocturia), and prostate cancer screening in general practice. 

Currently, I lead the research program 'Pelvic- and abdominal problems'. This includes the supervision of the following projects.

  • URinControl 
    A randomized controlled trial comparing incontinence app to care as usual, for women with urinary incontinence in general practice.
    PhD project of Anne Loohuis, MD and Nienke Wessels, MD.
    Funded by ZonMw (250K).
    More information on 

  • Pelvicfloorcohort - Coevorden study
    Prospecive cohort study in the general population on the prevalence and incidence of pelvic floor symptoms in men and women. Data collection ongoing.
    Researcher: Grietje Knol (postdoc).
    Funded by ZonMW (499K)

  • Male pelvic floor
    Observational cohort study including men who were referred to the urology outpatient department for lower urinary tract symptoms. In these men, next to the normal assessment, a MAPLE assessment has been performed. This includes the measurement of muscle activity with a rectal EMG-probe.
    Data collection has finished. Analyses are ongoing.
    Funding: none.
  • Continence care
    Evaluation of the Module Continence Supportive Care (Module Continentie Hulpmiddelen). Prospective observational cohort study with pharmacies.
    Researcher: Miranda Schreuder.
    Funded by ZonMW (299K)

  • Child incontinence
    Mixed-method study, including qualitative approach towards expectations and experiences of children (and their parents) with urinary incontinence as the reason for referral to secondary care at Isala (Zwolle), questionnaire study involving referring GPS, retrospective and prospective database on diagnostic and treatment pathways.
    Researcher: Marleen Linde, MSc.
    Funded by Isala Innovation & Science (144K)

  • Recurrent urinary tract symptoms
    Retrospective and prospective cohort study on secondary outpatient care for women with recurrent UTIs. 
    Researcher: Jop Pat
    Funded by Isala Innovation & Science (88K)
  • Outpatient care for prolaps and urinary incontinence: Two cohort studies
    Women with prolapse or incontinence, referred to secondary care at Isala or Ommelander Ziekenhuis are followed for one year. At inclusion, women are asked for their treatment preferences and expectations. Diagnostic and treatment patterns are studied.
    Researcher: Alec Malmberg (dept of gynaecology)
    Funded by Isala Innovation & Science (2*14K).

(Recently) finished:

  • URinControl4men
    Development of a new, interactive, online selfmanagement program for men with lower urinary tract symptoms. Time series conducted in Isala, Martini Hospital adn Rijnstate (departments of urology).
    Researcher: Pim Brandenbarg, MSc.
    Funded by UMCG-Healthy ageing pilot (50K).
    Finished May 2019.

  • Alpha-Blocker Cohort (ABC)-study
    An observational cohort study in men with a new prescription for an alpha-blocker for lower urinary tract symptoms. Patients are recruited via collaborating pharmacists in the wider Zwolle region.
    Funded by Hein Hoogerzeil Stichting (11K).
    Finished May 2019.
  • Enuresis in adolescents 
    Descriptive study on children and adolescents with enuresis (bedwetting), treated at the Dry Bed Center Meppel, the Netherlands.
    PhD project of Ilse Hofmeester, MD.
    Promotor Wout Feitz, pediatric urologist RadboudUMC.
    Finished October 2016.

  • The use of prostate specific antigen (PSA) test by general practitioners and non-urological specialists 
    Descriptive study among physicians and patients considering PSA tests applied for prostate cancer screening.
    PhD project of Saskia van der Meer, MD.
    Promotor Klaas van der Meer, professor emeritus of general practice, and Rien Nijman, professor of urology UMCG.
    Finished Oktober 2015

  • Epidemiologic aspects of nocturia and nocturnal polyuria in older men - A longitudinal analysis in community dwelling older men: the Krimpen study
    PhD project of Boris van Doorn.
    Promotor Ruud Bosch, urologist at UMCU.
    Finished September 2014.



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Als u wijzigingen in Pure hebt gemaakt, zullen deze hier binnenkort zichtbaar zijn.