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The research of Prof Ronald Hage is focusing on developing new iron and manganese oxidation and bleach catalysts that activate hydrogen peroxide or dioxygen for selective oxidations. This work includes studies on elucidations of mechanisms using various spectroscopy and electrochemical methods, in collaboration with Prof. Wesley Browne.  Identification of intermediate active species of the oxidation reactions helps us to understand better the conditions of optimal use of the catalysts. These investigations are related to the application testing at Catexel, where similar catalysts are developed for use in industry. Using hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst can lead to the replacement of much more harmful oxidants.
A relatively new area is the activation of sodium chlorite to form chlorine dioxide in situ using an iron catalyst which is studied using UV-vis and Raman spectroscopy. Mechanistic studies are in progress to understand which iron-oxo species is involved in these reactions. Applications can be found in the areas of water treatment/antimicrobial benefits.

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