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PhD project: Breeding new forage species based on plant-microbial interaction

My research is part of the potatoMETAbiome project. I am interested in the interactions between plants and soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, phages, protozoa). I want to find the microbial community that can have more beneficial interactions with plants, thereby reducing the dependence of plants on fertilizers and pesticides. And my research aim is to link the microbiome to plant breeding.

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  • Meeting report: The first soil viral workshop 2022

    Buivydaitė, Ž., Aryal, L., Corrêa, F. B., Chen, T., Langlois, V., Elberg, C. L., Netherway, T., Wang, R., Zhao, T., Acharya, B., Emerson, J. B., Hillary, L., Khadka, R. B., Mason-Jones, K., Sapkota, R., Sutela, S., Trubl, G., White, R. A., Winding, A. & Carreira, C., 2-jul.-2023, In: Virus research. 331, 5 blz., 199121.

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