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Tjeerd Andringa


  • Hoendiepskade23 -24, Gebouw 4345

    9718 BG Groningen


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I have a broad scientific, engineering, educational, and entrepreneurial background that I use to produce integrative inter- and transdisciplinary research and education. Career-wise this is not an optimal strategy, but society needs academic integration more than additional scientific diversity. In fact science needs bridge-builders and academic integrator who can enhance the value of specialist domains by making them serviceable for other fields of science and technology. This is a role that is aspire most.  

My backgrounds include: solid state physics (master degree 1991), artificial intelligence (start-up of existing programs), cognitive science, speech signal processing in noise (PhD-degree 2002), verbal aggression detection (start-up company Sound Intelligence 1999-2004), sound recognition and soundscape research, hydrodynamical imaging with lateral line technology (H2020),  cognitive systems researchenvironmental and health psychologylearning autonomythe roots of (moral) behavior, and the cognitive science of (geo)politics

I am associate professor sensory cognition with a focus on how moods and the appraisal of the (sonic) environment influence each other and define our responses. We apply this research in institutes for long-term care and in cities: both of which fundamentally constrained by bureaucratic mindsets that imposes severe limitations on individual autonomy. 

In addition I am tutor at the University College Groningen that provides liberal arts and sciences education. In this capacity I assist students to develop intellectual effectiveness and autonomy. I love to teach critical thinking and connect that often to conspiracy theories that challenge established beliefs. 

The common theme in these fields, interests, and approaches is the development of ever more effective and sustainable relationships between individual and environment. 

In my spare time I work at my wife's sustainable vegetable farm, where I till the soil and harvest. 


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