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Als u wijzigingen in Pure hebt gemaakt, zullen deze hier binnenkort zichtbaar zijn.

Persoonlijk profiel


Dr. Václav Ocelík

1992 Doctor degree in Solid State Physic, Faculty of Science, P.J. Šafarik University Košice, Czechoslovakia, realized at: Institute of Experimental Physics, Košice (Dr. O.Hudák) and Institute of Low Temperature Physics, Kharkov Ukraine (Prof. V.Z. Bengus).

1983 - 1998 research assistant, senior researcher, principal researcher at Institute of Experimental Physics, Košice, Slovakia

1998 - 2013 Post-doctoral researcher, Research fellow at Netherlands Institute of Metals Research (later M2i located at Materials science group RUG)

2013 - 2018 senior researcher, Materials science group, Zernike Institute, RUG

2018 - senior researcher, Nanostructure of functional oxides group, Zernike Institute, RUG

Main scientific scope: materials science; plastic deformation in crystalline and amorphous metals; microstructure and properties of rapidly quenched and metastable materials and coatings; advanced experimental techniques to study materials; advanced electron microscopy; laser surface engineering

From 2018 – Teaching Materials Science course (2nd year BSc, applied physics)

Promotor, co-promotor and daily supervisor of 11 local and 4 in frame of international exchange  PhD students. More than 60 RUG Applied physics students (MSc/BSc) supervised from 1999.

Leading and co-leading about 14 scientific projects financed by NIMR, M2i, IOP, FOM, TNO often co-financed by industrial organizations like: DAF, Corus, SKF, ASML, Philips, FEI and Tata Steel.

More than 200 coauthored publications in peer reviewer scientific journals, 5 chapters in scientific books, 20 invited talks at international conferences and 5 times membership in International Scientific Conference Advisory Committees. Regular reviewer in more than 15 scientific journals (for instance: Acta Materialia, Applied Surface Science, Journal of Materials Science, Surface Coatings and Technology, Scripta Materialia …) producing more than 200 reviews during last 10 years, 3 registered patents.    

3 top publications:

Lutjes, N.R., Zhou, S., Antoja-Lleonart, J., Noheda B., Ocelik V.: Spherulitic and rotational crystal growth of Quartz thin fims. Sci Rep 11, 14888 (2021)

  1. Basu, V. Ocelik, J.Th.M. de Hosson: Plasticity at intrinsic length scales in high entropy alloys – Review, Journal of Materials Research, Vol. 33, No.19 (2018) 3055.
  2. C. Rao, H. Y. Diao, V. Ocelik, D. Vainchtein, C. Zhang, C. Kuo, Z. Tang, W. Guo, J. D. Poplawsky, Y. Zhou, P. K. Liaw, and J. Th. M. De Hosson: Secondary phases in the AlxCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloys at elevated temperatures: an in-situ TEM heating study and thermodynamic appraisal. Acta Materialia, 131 (2017) 206-220

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