Best abstract International Primary Care Respiratory Group Scientific Meeting 2019 (Bucharest, Romania)

  • van Gemert, Frederik (Recipient), de Jong, Corina (Recipient), Kirenga, Bruce (Recipient), Musinguzi, P. (Recipient), Buteme, S. (Recipient), Sooronbaev, T. (Recipient), Tabyshova, Aizhamal (Recipient), Emilov, B. (Recipient), Mademilov, M. (Recipient), An, P. L. (Recipient), Nguyen, N. Q. (Recipient), Tran Ngoc Dang (Recipient), Le Huynh Thi Cam Hong (Recipient), Chartier, R. (Recipient), Brakema, E. A. (Recipient) & van Boven, Job (Recipient)

Prijs: PrizeAcademic


Effects and acceptability of implementing improved cookstoves and heaters to reduce household air pollution: a FRESH AIR study
Mate van erkenningInternational
Toekennende organisatieInternational Primary Care Respiratory Group

Toegekend op evenement

EvenementstitelInternational Primary Care Respiratory Group 6th Scientific Meeting 2019 (Bucharest, Romania)
LocatieBucharest, Romania
Periode24-mei-2019 → 25-mei-2019