BioTrans Senior Award 2019

  • Janssen, Dick (Recipient)

Prijs: PrizeAcademic


The BioTrans Award is awarded following nomination by the BioTrans-Award Committee based on the candidate's i) innovative concepts & breaking new ground in the field of biocatalysis and ii) outstanding academic fairness.
The junior and senior awards are granted to researchers of age younger or older than 45 years, respectively.
The awards are announced at the international BioTrans Symposium, of which the latest edition was organized in Groningen (local organizers Profs. M.W. Fraaije and G.J. Poelarends, Mrs. S.A. Haan, Mrs. T. Hummel, Mr. P. Tepper, and Mr. A. Metus)BioTrans 
Award Committee 2019:Kurt Faber - Graz; Wolf-Dieter Fessner - Darmstadt; Marco Fraaije - Groningen; Maurice Franssen - Wageningen; Vicente Gotor - Oviedo; Laurence Hecquet - Clermon-Ferrand; Vladimir Kren - Prague; Marko Mihovilovic - Vienna; Lazlo Poppe - Budapest; Sergio Riva - Milano; Nick Turner - Manchester; Thomas Ward - Basel.
Mate van erkenningInternational
Toekennende organisatieBioTrans Society Award Committee

Toegekend op evenement

Evenementstitel14th BioTrans Symposium
LocatieMartini Plaza, Groningen, NetherlandsToon op kaart
Periode7-jul.-2019 → 11-jul.-2019