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Innovation in Academia

Created to celebrate academic creativity and innovation, the Awards recognise those who have studied in Europe and whose professional accomplishments have made a significant and lasting impact in the field of higher education in Europe or North America.

Winners of the Innovation in Academia Awards in Europe and North America

Innovation in Academia Award for Science and Business: Matthias Heinemann

Professor of Molecular Systems Biology at the University of Grongingen. He leads a research programme which aims to generate a system-level understanding of (microbial) metabolism, for which he uses budding yeast as a model. Part of this endeavour is also to unravel the metabolic changes during aging.
Toekennende organisatieUniv Kent, University of Kent

Toegekend op evenement

EvenementstitelThe Europe Awards Ceremony
LocatieRome, Italy
Periode4-apr-2018 → 4-apr-2018