Everyday Geographies of Being and Becoming Disabled

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My PhD, "Everyday Geographies of Being and Becoming Disabled," investigates how accessibility, encounters, and mobilities shape the experiences of people with disabilities in urban environments. With 27% of the EU population living with disabilities and an aging demographic, creating sustainable, inclusive cities is imperative, and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goal 11.
Utilizing community-based participatory research, I collaborate with 's HeerenLoo residents, a care and housing organisation for people with disabilities. By centering the voices of those impacted, the research explores their conditions of inaccessibility and exclusion, aiming to develop sustainable, inclusive solutions.

In 2024, I received 2000€ grant aimed to create a board game to raise awareness about the lived experiences of people with disabilities in urban settings. The game targets diverse audiences, fostering reflection on sustainable and inclusive city practices. By disseminating research insights through innovative mediums like the board game, this project bridges academia and society, promoting understanding and action towards building more inclusive communities.
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Toekennende organisatieRudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development, Netherlands