panoptiwork - the Human and the Digital at work

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From the industrial revolution to working from home during COVID-19: technology shapes and reforms the content, methods and pace of work. Panoptiwork is a reference to the Panopticon, an ideal structure which serves as a metaphor of new algorithmic governance in workplaces. Digitalisation creates opportunities for renewal of workforce management: equal information sharing, transparency and codetermination in contemporary workplaces. However, it to fulfill this promise, we need to address questions about the organization of work, working conditions, power relations, ethics of business and legal protection. Panoptiwork overall objective is to bring together researchers and students from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds within the University of Groningen to provide multidisciplinary research and teaching on labour and digitalisation.

Panoptiwork involves 13 researchers from 7 different faculties of the University of Groningen, with the support of a Research Assistant. The financial support by RUG for 2022 is €15.000.
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Toekennende organisatieRijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands