Selected to be designated as a 2020 Best of ASTRO abstract

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The abstract
Spoor D, Leeuwen FE, Russell N, Boekel N, Jacob S, Combs S, Borm K, Vliegenthart R, Sikkema G, van den bogaard VAB, Sijtsema M, Maduro J, Schuit E, Langendijk JA, Crijns APG. Development and internal validation of an NTCP-model for acute coronary events after breast cancer radiotherapy: First results of the MEDIRAD BRACE study (H2020-Euratom-1.4/755523). Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2020; 108(3):E11-E12
has been selected as one of the few abstracts to be designated as a 2020 Best of ASTRO abstract.  (The Discussant presentations will be made available OnDemand in the ASTRO Academy. The Best of ASTRO abstracts are a selection of the most relevant and highly influential abstracts from the 2020 Annual Meeting.) 
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Toekennende organisatieASTRO Academy

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EvenementstitelASTRO 2020
LocatieOnlineToon op kaart
Periode24-okt.-2020 → 28-okt.-2020