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The internet research fund committee is happy to approve your request for the FlyCatcher study; the fund will cover 90% of the quoted total (€4770) via the project code 170 310001 // 38120.


Immediate funding available to outsource data collection to a panel company like Flycatcher (NL) or Qualtrics Panels (EU, USA), who can recruit specific populations to complete online surveys (e.g., pensioners, iPhone users,
parents…). The fund could also pay for access to new and emerging Internet-based data: Big Data-bases (e.g., browser search behavior), smartphone tracking, Web-based diary studies, and so on.

The aim of this fund is to generally enhance the scientific output of the department. Eligibility: All permanent or tenure-track assistant/associate/full professors are welcome to submit an application to fund an Internet-based psychological study that requires a specialized sample.
Postdocs and other non-permanent, post-PhD staff are also eligible to apply, as long as basic conditions are met (see attached application instructions). Returning applicants are also welcome to apply, so long as your previous project is accounted for.
We will begin reviewing applications on 2-November, 2020, and will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis thereafter, until funds are depleted. Thus, there is no deadline to apply but we caution that funds are more limited than in previous years. Applications will be evaluated based on common standards for rigor and feasibility (e.g., justification of sample). In the event of an excess of
applications, priority will be given based on need (e.g., early career researchers, lack of alternative funding), cost (e.g., lower cost to the fund), and representation across departments.
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