Wetenschapsprijs Campus Fryslân

Prijs: PrizeAcademic


The prestigious Wetenschapsprijs Campus Fryslân (Science Prize of Campus Fryslân) is an initiative of the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân with the aim of stimulating young scientific research talent and increasing the quality of research that relates to Friesland and also has (inter)national appeal. The prize is financed by the municipality of Leeuwarden.
Mate van erkenningNational
Toekennende organisatieCampus Fryslân, Netherlands

Toegekend op evenement

EvenementstitelAward ceremony 'Wetenschapsprijs Campus Fryslân'
LocatieCity Hall, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Periode16-mei-2019 → 16-mei-2019