Bonify 1.0 – Ovis/Capra: Virtual solutions to zooarchaeological problems



Dr. Gary Nobles has undertaken a 3D scanning campaign of the goat and sheep reference bone collection. In collaboration with CIT, these 3D models are made accessible virtually via an android smartphone app (code name: Bonify). The app makes use of head mounted devices (e.g. google cardboard) to augment reality, superimposing the 3D model within the real world, this is along similar lines as the recent Pokémon GO craze. The app is used in current research and teaching programmes. Accessible around the world, it aims to enable researchers and students access to these vital reference materials wherever they are. This research has been tested and published on a website and as a peer-reviewed journal article.
Korte titelBonify
Effectieve start/einddatum01/03/201801/03/2021