Diplomacy and the Making of Europe in the Late Middle Ages (c. 1250-1450) (British Academy / Leverhulme Small Grants, SRG20\201323)

  • Bombi, Barbara (Hoofdonderzoeker)
  • Sobecki, Sebastian (!!CoI)



    This project aims at promoting the collaborative research of an international scholarly network through the sharing and discussion of working research papers and the organisation of three webinars, whose findings will be made available to external audiences through a dedicated website. The network's research will focus on mutual influences in the formation of states in fourteenth-century Europe and diplomatic contacts among polities, looking at how they contributed to the creation of a "shared language of diplomacy" and European identities. Whether diplomacy and communication among polities grew owing to independent developments or mutual influences deserves to be further investigated in Late Medieval Europe. The project sets to adopt a comparative methodology and chronological breadth, encompassing a broader range of case studies between 1250 and 1450.
    Effectieve start/einddatum01/10/202030/09/2022