DIstribution, StruCture and functioning of LOw-resilience benthic communities and habitats of the Dutch North SEa

  • Olff, Han (Hoofdonderzoeker)
  • Govers, Laura (Staff)
  • van der Reijden, Karin (PhD student)
  • Rijnsdorp, Adriaan (Advisor)
  • van der Sluis, Christiaan (Advisor)
  • Bakker, Joke (Technician)



DISCLOSE is a partnership between TU Delft RUG, NIOZ and the North Sea Foundation. The research project aims to: 1) provide detailed maps of the North Sea bottom and 2) asses the boundary conditions under which rich communities can grow. DISCLOSE incorporates three research disciplines: Acoustic Habitat Mapping (TUD), Community Ecology (UG) and Seafloor Ecology (NIOZ). In line with these disciplines, the project consists of three strongly interlinked sub-projects.

!!Layman's description

The North Sea is home to a diverse range of habitats and species, but at the same time it’s one of the most exploited sea regions in the world. Some of these habitats and species are under threat from this intensive exploitation. DISCLOSE studies how vulnerable the habitats and species in the North Sea really are. Because if we know more, we can create a sustainable North Sea.
Korte titelDISCLOSE
Effectieve start/einddatum01/03/201601/06/2020