ʿArab, ʾAʿrāb, and Arabic in Ancient North Arabia: The first attestation of (ʾ)ʿrb as a group name in Safaitic

Ahmad Al-Jallad*

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This article presents two new Safaitic inscriptions containing the group name ʾʿrb. Following an edition of the texts, the article discusses the implications of these new attestations on the origin and use of group names derived from the root ʿ-r-b in pre-Islamic times and concludes with a discussion on the name of the Arabic language before the 7th c. CE. The article is followed by an appendix of texts discovered at the same site and related to the ʾʿrb inscriptions.
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TijdschriftArabian Archaeology and Epigraphy
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StatusPublished - 2020
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