A circumplex approach to the five factor model: A facet structure of trait adjectives supplemented by trait verbs

Boele de Raad*, Willem KB Hofstee

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    The goal of this article is 2-fold. Firstly to show the utility of the circumplex principles in articulating trait structures, and secondly to show that the use of different word categories as trait descriptors can be exploited for the further refinement of the established Five Factor structure. We discuss simple structure and circumplex models and their integration, the so-called AB5C model. The AB5C model is applied to self-ratings (N = 200) on 551 personality adjectives and 507 personality verbs. The differences between the two data sets, adjective and verb data, are discussed, and the usefulness of both data sets for the mutual articulation of the respective wordclass specific trait structures is demonstrated.

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    StatusPublished - nov.-1993

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