A comparison between unwanted sexual behavior by teachers and by peers in secondary schools

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This study explores differences and similarities between sexual harassment of students by teachers and by peers. Respondents were adolescents in 22 secondary schools, randomly selected in 2 regions in the Netherlands. Of the 2808 students 512 (18%) reported unwanted sexual experiences at school in the past 12 months: 370 girls (72%) and 142 boys (28%). Using discriminant function analysis we found 2 qualitatively different types of unwanted sexual behavior. Unwanted sexual behavior by school personnel is more often nonverbal in nature, physical, or a combination of different sorts of behavior and is more often directed at girls. Students experience teacher harassment as more upsetting than unwanted sexual behavior by their peers. They also experience more psychosomatic health problems when harassed by teachers. Unwanted sexual behavior by peers is more often of a verbal nature. Students experience less psychosomatic health problems when harassed by peers.

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