A comparison of carboplatin and paclitaxel with cisplatinum and 5-fluorouracil in definitive chemoradiation in esophageal cancer patients

J Honing, J.K. Smit, C T Muijs, J G M Burgerhof, J W de Groot, G Paardekooper, K Muller, D Woutersen, M J C Legdeur, W E Fiets, A Slot, Janet Beukema, John Plukker, G A P Hospers

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We compared retrospectively carboplatin/paclitaxel to cisplatinum/5-FU as dCRT treatment in esophageal cancer patients. We found comparable outcome, but lower toxicity rates and higher treatment compliance in the carboplatin/paclitaxel group. Therefore, we suggest carboplatin/paclitaxel as an alternative for cisplatinum/5-FU is a good candidate for further evaluation.In esophageal cancer (EC) patients who are not eligible for surgery, definitive chemoradiation (dCRT) with curative intent using cisplatinum with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is the standard chemotherapy regimen. Nowadays carboplatin/paclitaxel is also often used. In this study, we compared survival and toxicity rates between both regimens.

This multicenter study included 102 patients treated in five centers in the Northeast Netherlands from 1996 till 2008. Forty-seven patients received cisplatinum/5-FU (75 mg/m(2) and 1 g/m(2)) and 55 patients carboplatin/paclitaxel (AUC2 and 50 mg/m(2)).

Overall survival (OS) was not different between the cisplatinum/5-FU and carboplatin/paclitaxel group {[P = 0.879, hazard ratio (HR) 0.97 [confidence interval (CI) 0.62-1.51]}, with a median survival of 16.1 (CI 11.8-20.5) and 13.8 months (CI 10.8-16.9). Median disease-free survival (DFS) was comparable [P = 0.760, HR 0.93 (CI 0.60-1.45)] between the cisplatinum/5-FU group [11.1 months (CI 6.9-15.3)] and the carboplatin/paclitaxel group [9.7 months (CI 5.1-14.4)]. Groups were comparable except clinical T stage was higher in the carboplatin/paclitaxel group (P = 0.008). High clinical T stage (cT4) was not related to OS and DFS in a univariate analysis (P = 0.250 and P = 0.201). A higher percentage of patients completed the carboplatin/paclitaxel regimen (82% versus 57%, P = 0.010). Hematological and nonhematological toxicity (>= grade 3) in the carboplatin/paclitaxel group (4% and 18%) was significantly lower than in the cisplatinum/5-FU (19% and 38%, P = 0.001).

In this study, we showed comparable outcome, in terms of DFS and OS for carboplatin/paclitaxel compared with cisplatinum/5-FU as dCRT treatment in EC patients. Toxicity rates were lower in the carboplatin/paclitaxel group together with higher treatment compliance. Carboplatin/paclitaxel as an alternative treatment of cisplatinum/5-FU is a good candidate regimen for further evaluation.

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StatusPublished - mrt-2014

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