A Comprehensive Measurement of Analyzing Powers in the Proton-Deuteron Break-Up Channel at 135 MeV

H. Tavakoli-Zaniani*, M. T. Bayat, M. Eslami-Kalantari, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, St Kistryn, A. Kozela, J. G. Messchendorp, M. Mohammadi-Dadkan, R. Ramazani-Sharifabadi, E. Stephan

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In this contribution, vector analyzing powers are presented for the proton-deuteron break-up reaction studied using a polarised-proton beam at 135 MeV. For the experiment, we used the Big Instrument for Nuclear-polarisation Analysis (BINA) at KVI, the Netherlands. With this setup, we determined, for the first time, (formula presented) for a large range in the kinematical S, polar and azimuthal angles of the two outgoing protons. Our data are reasonably well described by Faddeev calculations for kinematical configurations at which the three-nucleon force effect is predicted to be small. However, striking discrepancies are observed at specific configurations, for which the relative azimuthal angle between the two protons becomes small. In this contribution, some of these configurations along with the analysis techniques are presented.

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TitelRecent Progress in Few-Body Physics - Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018
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StatusPublished - 2020
Evenement22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018 - Caen, France
Duur: 9-jul.-201813-jul.-2018

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Conference22nd International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, FB22 2018

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