A decision Enhancement Service for Stakeholder Analysis to Achieve Transformations in the Public Sector

Arjan Knol, Marijn Janssen, H G Sol

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    Sourcing has become a popular practice for public
    sector managers aiming for transformations to save
    costs and improve service delivery. Nevertheless,
    public sector sourcing often fails due to stakeholder
    resistance and power struggles, stressing the need for
    stakeholder analysis. This paper presents a decision
    enhancement service for STakeholder ANalysis called
    STAN. The design of STAN is based on sourcing
    decision issues and observations obtained from public
    sector sourcing cases, expert interviews and literature.
    Foundations are derived from the stakeholder and
    resource dependency theories. STAN enables to
    identify stakeholder consensus levels that are
    visualized on sourcing scenario overviews. The
    assumption is that providing decision-makers insight in
    stakeholder consensus levels enables them to
    effectively decide which scenario to pursue and whom
    to account for. Evaluation results are derived from
    three public sector sourcing case studies, suggesting
    that STAN achieves what it is designed for: providing
    insight in stakeholder consensus levels for decisionmaking.
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    TitelProceedings of the 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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    StatusPublished - 2015
    Evenement48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - Kauai, Hawaii, United States
    Duur: 5-jan.-20158-jan.-2015


    Conference48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
    Land/RegioUnited States
    StadKauai, Hawaii

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