A Delphi consensus to identify the key screening tests/questions for a digital neurological examination for epidemiological research

Vasco Ribeiro Ferreira*, Carol Brayne, Paolo Ragonese, Carlos Ketzoian, Marta Piccioli, Lorenzo Tinti, Carlo Casali, Cherubino di Lorenzo, Claudia Ramos, João Azevedo, Adriana Gomes, Roderick Stewart, Hein Haas, Stan Hoppenbrouwer, Esther Metting, Valentina Gallo

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Background: Most neurological diseases have no curative treatment; therefore, focusing on prevention is key. Continuous research to uncover the protective and risk factors associated with different neurological diseases is crucial to successfully inform prevention strategies. eHealth has been showing promising advantages in healthcare and public health and may therefore be relevant to facilitate epidemiological studies.

Objective: In this study, we performed a Delphi consensus exercise to identify the key screening tests to inform the development of a digital neurological examination tool for epidemiological research.

Methods: Twelve panellists (six experts in neurological examination, five experts in data collection-two were also experts in the neurological examination, and three experts in participant experience) of different nationalities joined the Delphi exercise. Experts in the neurological examination provided a selection of items that allow ruling out neurological impairment and can be performed by trained health workers. The items were then rated by them and other experts in terms of their feasibility and acceptability.

Results: Ten tests and seven anamnestic questions were included in the final set of screening items for the digital neurological examination. Three tests and five anamnestic questions were excluded from the final selection due to their low ratings on feasibility.

Conclusion: This work identifies the key feasible and acceptable screening tests and anamnestic questions to build an electronic tool for performing the neurological examination, in the absence of a neurologist.
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TijdschriftJournal of Neurology
Vroegere onlinedatum20-feb.-2024
StatusPublished - mei-2024

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